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Terms of cleaning and complaints Rules

Dear customers, we kindly ask you to carefully read the conditions for cleaning. Daja Dry Cleaners faces ever greater challenges in its field every year. Work becomes more complicated thanks to ever newer textiles and combinations. This represents several problems in care for clothing and textiles. In order to keep pace, we face constant resolution of challenges to preserve the perfection of clothing. Everything is important, be this a small family historical piece, or expensive luxury gown. The dry cleaners Daja tries to save every item for its customers.

Feather jackets and coats

Feather jackets and certain coats are made from textiles treated from the reverse side with a polyurethane coating (Rypstop). The feather filler is inserted into membranes impermeable to liquids. We remove dirt from the product by dry-cleaning or wet cleaning in accordance with the information stated on the care symbols, or according to your instructions and in accordance with the quality and type of material and product.

We are sorry to say that in both cases, we anticipate damage, loosening of part of the reverse side treatment of the textile, possibility of the creation of light areas on the surface of the jacket (loosened reverse side treatment) as well as the possibility of creation of leaked areas – maps in the area of the jacket stitching, influenced by the limited possibility of liquids getting through the jacket’s stitching. If the jacket is repeatedly cleaned, the possibility of damage being created is significantly higher. In the case of products with colour combinations, it is possible that deep colours will stain into the lighter parts. It is possible to replace the quilted filling with a thermal insulation fleece in the cells of the textile. Even if the most delicate treatment procedure is selected, it is not possible to preserve the volume of non-woven fleece inserted into the product’s cells. This is a product which is very difficult to care for.

In accordance with Section 2594 Civil Code we would like to draw your attention to the fact that qualitative signs and defects to products exhibit themselves after cleaning has been performed. Choice of a gentle technological process cannot affect the quality and limit emphasising or making visible of the characteristic properties of the product.


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