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The special treatment of clothing


Finishing of all types of clothing is final treatment of fabrics in order to achieve a better appearance and resistance against creasing and soiling of your clothing. Clothing becomes more resistant to the effects of the weather, dust and smog. Finishing takes 24h from the time it is ordered


We use impregnation of clothing a lot on skiing and outdoor clothing (an agent resistant to oil and water – drops of water slide off the material). The process takes 2 days.

Anti-static treatment

Anti-static treatment of clothing uses a very concentrated agent with an anti-static effect – no more electric discharge ever again. Clothing is thus protected against dust and smog (it repels them). Treatment takes 1 week.

Home pest fabrics and furs


Unwanted household pests precious wool suits, coats, furs. How to do them? Ask for special treatment against pests in the dry cleaning while receiving the garment.

And the simplest and cheapest method of protecting fabrics against damage by clothes moths? Prevention. The clothes moth hates it when your clothes are ventilated, shaken and brushed. It loves enclosed, warm spaces with no movement, thriving in woollen materials and furs. This is why we maintain the cleanliness of clothing with standard care involving washing or cleaning and only put clean clothes into the wardrobe without any plastic coverings. But even stored clothing must be inspected. Other than clean clothing, good prevention involves treatment of clothing against moths. In Daja Dry Cleaners, we treat clothes in a special bath, which ensures protection and discourages moths from making an unwelcome visit for a period of 6 months. Or we can help ourselves by using things from the garden - by placing dried lavender into a bag and hanging it in the wardrobe.


Mites are uninvited guests in your household. They live on flakes of human skin and this is why they thrive most in households and especially in damp places where not much air gets in such as beds, bed linen, kitchens and similar, they are the most frequent cause of allergies and asthma, conjunctivitis, colds, skin inflammations and other symptoms of allergy. Outdoors, mites are killed by their natural enemies (micro-predators), in the household, cleanliness is effective against them.

You can eliminate mites using high temperatures and also sunbeams according to the old instructions of our grandmothers. If you do not have a high quality vacuum cleaner with filters that are effective at catching mites, they are transported around your home by the air being whirled around when vacuuming. The simplest method of eliminating mites is frequent ventilation, air humidity lower than 50% and a lot of sun. If you can ensure that sunlight falls directly onto your mattresses, this is ideal. Apart from this, you have to vacuum the mattress on both sides as mites prefer to live in the bottom part, as well as frequently washing the mattress covers.

Nowadays special bio covers and mattresses for elimination of mites are also available. You can easily remove mites from bed linen, blankets and pillows by using hot water with a temperature of more than 60°C to wash and dry them. Freezing also represents a reliable means of elimination /carpets/. Another option is application of chemical or bio agents which are applied directly onto the mattress and commercially available, or elimination in the mattress using steam.

What can be done to prevent mites? Wash bed linen 1x per week, pillows and blankets at least once per month, mattresses at least once per year.

Daja Dry Cleaners can help you care for the cleanliness of your home environment and protect your whole family’s health. Treatment can be implemented within 1 week.


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