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We keep up with modern times

The first environmentally-friendly dry-cleaners in a green embrace – a new and safe process which does not pollute the air, water or soil! For the first time ever, you and your clothing have a real choice.

Dear friends, our reputation means a lot. This is why we have exerted a significant amount of effort and invested a lot of money in order to be the first in the Czech republic in 2012 presented and to set into operation a completely new and safe system of cleaning, which is environmentally friendly and also gentle on clothing, and finally you - customers.

"We are here with you for over 20 years and we are still setting tempo in our branch!"

Most dry cleaners the Czech Republic use synthetic chlorinated hydrocarbons, so-called perchlorethylene, which the EPA classifies as a dangerous substance. California was the first to accede to a ban on use of these substances, other countries have proposed similar steps and Daja Dry Cleaners is the first in the Czech Republic to offer you the real possibility to choose.

You can feel good about yourselfuse of the system of cleaning in a Solvon K4 bath does not represent any risk for people, the air, water or soil. It is safe for the skin and suitable for people with allergies as non-allergenic and non-irritant. Cleaning in this bath is good for the skin and for the clothing which you wear and which you breathe.

At Daja Dry Cleaners Prague and Hradec Kralove, we always perform good honest work with an emphasis on detail, which places high demands on the professional knowledge of our employees. We provide a perfect clothing service for you free from stains on a daily basis.

At Daja Dry Cleaners, we understand the time and effort you devote to your perfect appearance and the significant investment you make into dressing fashionably. This is why we devote the maximum attention to caring for your clothes and make a point to ensure that your clothing always looks its best. We respect the timeless value of clothing and household fabrics and place an emphasis on preserving their integrity. We are able to safely remove stains and return clothing to perfection. We have special programmes to maintain the long life of all types of materials and fabrics and to restore their smart appearance

The main award however came from satisfied customers in the competition announced to find the best express dry cleaners in Prague held by Radio KISS and recently the City Council for Prague 1. Acknowledgement for our good level of care and high quality work in the field pays off in terms of recommendation s from clothing and modelling companies, which are happy to use our services (Marks & Spencer, Taiza, Versace, BOSS, H. Fejková, etc.) and they recommend us to their customers. We also cooperate with magazines, which we provide consultation to about the differences of cleaning nowadays and the practices of home treatment of clothing used by our grandmothers.

Services are provided by a professional team with many years of experience in the field with a high social and professional level. Our employees are permanently managed and trained in use of innovations in the field in such a way as to keep pace with development of new materials. The company is managed by Czech owners and financed using Czech capital

The Daja dry cleaners has at its disposal environmentally friendly machines, uses modern technological methods of cleaning clothes and treating fibres after cleaning – so-called Finishing - (renews resistance to creasing and resistance to dirt). The work of the dry cleaners is very gentle on the materials to preserve their lifespan. Job orders are ironed by hand on professional ironing boards, which prevent the material from being over-ironed and becoming shiny. Men’s shirts are especially airy and a pleasure to wear.

Price list

Our clients

Fashion and the world of fashion will always be here with its demands on quality of care, with its ruffles, frills, delicate tucks, embroidery and other details. This craft requires professional care and knowledge to ensure correct care. Daja Dry Cleaners has many years of experience with materials and it is our great honour that we can support our work with this knowledge. We appreciate the long-term confidence in our abilities shown by our regular private clientele. Our most prestigious and most highly esteemed customers include as well as the former President Václav Klaus and his wife Livia, as well as the former president, Václav Havel and his wife Dagmar. We really do appreciate this confidence in us

Influential fashion studios and prestigious department stores in the Czech Republic such as Helena Fejková, Iška Fišárková, Osmany Laffita, Blažek, Delor, Chanel, Le Premiere, Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Givenchy, Hermès, Valentino and Versace are included in our prestigious lists of clients. Service entailing care for the clothing of guests and employees is also provided by dry cleaning Daja to many hotels, theatres, film studios, companies and authorities in Prague

Our partners

With the support of luxury brand partners and leading designers, dry cleaning Daja spreads awareness of the brand and looks for special marketing opportunities and campaigns.

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Written about us

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Trading name: Daja Dry Cleaners
Operator: D-Eco Friendly Company s.r.o.
Company registered office: Radlicka 2343/48, 150 00 Praha 5
Company ID number: 08 08 52 18
The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 312767th

Executive Head: Mgr. Jakub Janata

Director: Dagmar Janatová
Head of operations: Olga Bartůšková


Dry cleaning Daja

  • Daja brand was founded in 1992 and is an abbreviation of the first two initial letters Dagmar Janatové
  • your number one helper and expert in Prague and Hradec Kralove at cleaning clothes
  • for individual or corporate clientele and companies, theatres, museums, hotels and restaurants
  • you can rely on our faultless service
  • professional cleaning of dresses, women’s suits and designer dresses
  • professional cleaning of men’s suits, evening dress and jackets,
  • professional cleaning of wedding dresses and clothing for bridesmaids
  • cleaning of historical clothing
  • cleaning of leather and fur, dry and wet cleaning
  • protective care for textiles by means of finishing, anti-static treatment and impregnation,
  • new – effective protection against domestic textile pests
  • wet cleaning of linens, shirts and fine fabrics
  • care for all types of textiles, curtains, net curtains, bed spreads, covers
  • rental of table and bed linen for family celebrations
  • textile cleaning service within 3 to 24 hours,
  • we repair damage caused by water or fire
  • washing service within 24 to 48 hours according to difficulty
  • 10-day leather and fur cleaning service
  • tailoring and minor modification service for clothing within 7 days to 3 weeks depending on the level of difficulty of repairs
  • pickup and delivery – suit care service from the comfort of your own home or office
  • loyalty programme
  • membership cards for Daja Dry Cleaners with customer benefits
  • open 7 days a week in all branches
  • equipment: Modern environmentally-friendly cleaning technology with closed circuit for dry and wet cleaning

Times for cleaning and repairs

Cleaning of clothes with no surcharge: 90 minutes to 24 hours
Cleaning of leather clothing and furs: 10 days
Repairs to clothing: 90 minutes to 3 weeks

If you are interested in high quality services, contact us and we will extend our services to include you.


Our Awards

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